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Chico responsible for most bike accidents in butte county category

In order to stay clear of bike crashes in Chico et cetera of Butte County, citizens are prompted to take a number of preventative measures while cycling: * Comply with the regulation at all times; this consists of riding on the right side of the road, stopping at quit indications, as well as adhering to the traffic lights. * Communicate with vehicle drivers of automobile. * Usage appropriate illumination. Besides that, it's advantageous to use reflective clothing at night to be more noticeable. * Decrease. It's important to look in advance as well as anticipate what is going to take place. Simply avoiding busy streets cyclists can avoid a a great deal of bike mishaps in Butte County. In 2006 there had not been a solitary bike accident in Biggs, a town with a population of almost 2000, nor existed a single fatality in all of Butte Area.