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Horseshoe bike racks

Horseshoe Bike Racks are an architecturally distinctive feature in any outside location. They provide a bit of old world style that is admired and appreciated in today’s globe. The rack offers two factors of contact with the bicycle which provides additional stability and also safety. These bike shelfs are built from steel tubing called routine 40. The outdoors size of the tubes is 2 3/8 inches and it strong enough for any kind of burglary defense requirement. Horseshoe Bike Racks are offered in 2 variations, stainless steel and regular steel with a powder layered surface. The powder finishing is in fact a form of plastic that is used in an electrical process. The powder coat offers an excellent shield of protection as well as can be quickly repaired if cut or damaged. An industrial warm gun is used to warm the broken location and the plastic powder coat will thaw and also rebind itself and thus recoup the damaged area. The first installing alternative is the flanged surface area install. Its horseshoe form alludes to a bike wheel and it supplies flexibility in its final place and use.